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Increasing Cannabis Accessibility and Breaking Stigmas

Rootdown stores are designed with the customer in mind.

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer or exploring the plant for the first time, our professional, compassionate team members are your partners in well-being.

We work hard to provide access to the highest quality cannabis products, helping our community free themselves from pain and recurring symptoms that reduce quality of life.

We founded Rootdown because we are passionate about helping Mississippians from all backgrounds experience a higher quality of life. Rootdown offers customers relief from the chronic symptoms that slow them down.

As Mississippi natives, we have worked tirelessly to help our community meet their wellness needs by increasing access to this natural tool.

That’s why we’ve made it our goal to be our home state’s largest and most trusted source for high-quality medical cannabis. We encourage you to investigate the ways cannabis can potentially improve your quality of life so you can feel your best.

Wellness for All

We’re honored to hear success stories from community members who tell us that Rootdown has helped them improve their symptoms after years of suffering.

Whether it’s an uncle able to sleep without the use of opioids he relied on for decades to soothe back issues caused by working on the family farm or a grandmother free from arthritis and able to socialize, we’ve seen how cannabis can increase happiness and quality of life firsthand—and we’re here to spread the word.

We believe that medical cannabis has the ability to decrease suffering and help our customers and community live their best lives.

Breaking the Stigma

While pain is a part of life, suffering doesn’t have to be. Medical cannabis is a natural, beneficial remedy that can help our neighbors handle chronic pain, inflammation, and the symptoms that slow them down.

We’re passionate about ending the social stigma and removing the access barriers preventing our fellow Mississippians from using cannabis as a tool for wellness.

The Rootdown Story

What We Offer:

With a wide array of high-quality cannabis products on the shelves of every Rootdown location, we’re here to help you explore the full spectrum of healing and well-being cannabis offers. Here are the product categories we’re proud to make accessible to all clients and community members:


From soothing indicas to enlivening sativas and every hybrid in between, our carefully researched strains offer mind and body benefits for all.


Try one of our high-quality vapes for increased ease of consumption and on the go convenience, so you can get relief wherever life takes you.


Potent, powerful, and delicious, our easy to consume edibles come in every category, including chocolates, candies, drinks, and more.


Isolating the healing power of cannabis in its purest form, our shatter, oil, badder, budder, and wax provide a dose of targeted relief.


Relieve discomfort and inflammation without psychoactive impact with THC and CBD infused cannabis lotions and balms.


Fight back against stigma and spread the word about cannabis wellness with Rootdown merch and accessories.



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