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Yes! There is plenty of on-site and street parking.

Yes! We’re located close to some of our favorite restaurants. Scroll up for a list of our favorite spots to check out.

Unfortunately, there aren’t, but there’s easy biking along our neighborhood streets.

We’re close to just about anywhere in Bozeman. Scroll up for a list of our nearest neighbors.

Definitely. As a dispensary that serves both medical and recreational clients, we strive to make our facilities accessible to all. If there’s something extra we can do to accommodate your visit, talk to a budtender. We’re here to help!

Yes! We’re happy to serve medical cannabis users over the age of 18.

Yes! We welcome all recreational consumers over the age of 21.

It’s up to you! Stop by and pick up the products you love in 10-15 minutes, or hang around and have our expert budtenders give you an in depth consultation.

Absolutely! Just click here to start browsing.

Not yet! But watch this space.

Yes! The Purple line stops at Main Street, a 1-minute walk away.

0.8 miles, or a 3-minute drive

Yes! It’s 2.1 miles away, or a 6-minute drive.

1 miles, or a 3-minute drive

1.3 miles, or a 4-minute drive

It’s 1.5 miles away, or a 5-minute drive.

Yes! It’s 1.4 miles away, or a 4-minute drive.

Yes! It’s 2.8 miles away, or a 8-minute drive.

Yes! It’s 2.9 miles away, or a 7-minute drive.

It is! It’s 1.9 miles away, or a 6-minute drive.

0.9 miles, or a 2-minute drive

If you’re over 21, you can possess 1oz of cannabis, 8 grams of cannabis concentrate, or 800 mg of THC edibles to be consumed on private property.

Patients of any age can use medical cannabis under the supervision of a doctor, but they must consume it on private property.



I AM 21+