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Safe Edibles Consumption Guide for Mississippi Consumers

From THC percentages to choosing the right edibles for you, here’s everything you need to know about cannabis edibles.

A Beginners Guide to Eating Your Greens

If you’re searching “edibles near me” or wondering, “Are edibles legal in Mississippi?” we’ve got you covered! Our expert budtenders helped create this comprehensive beginner’s guide to edibles in Mississippi, covering everything from proper dosage and consumption methods to recommendations of our favorite cannabis-infused foods. Read on to learn why edibles are one of our favorite forms of cannabis consumption, and find out how you can make the most of your edibles experience.

Understanding CBD and THC Percentages in Edibles

If you’re trying edibles for the first time, it’s important to understand the difference between CBD and THC edibles so you can make the best choice for your unique needs.

CBD products are stocked in many stores (often not dispensaries) for consumers who need relief from aches, pains, and inflammation without any psychoactive effects (meaning they won’t get you high). Reach for pure CBD edibles to treat general physical discomfort.

Pure THC edibles also provide physical relief, but they deliver a more transporting experience—which can vary in intensity depending on how many milligrams of THC your edible cannabis product of choice contains. Desired effects include relief from stress, strain, and discomfort, as well as elevated creativity, relaxation, and bliss.

Products that blend CBD and THC are generally slow and steady edibles. CBD can help enhance the potential wellness benefits of THC by partially blocking its intoxicating effects. This type of edible delivers a more balanced experience depending on the ratio of CBD to THC. The higher the CBD percentage, the less intense the effects of cannabis will be.

Factors that Influence Potency

If you keep track of the factors that have an impact on potency, determining your ideal edibles dosage doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Here’s our go-to checklist for understanding the effects of edibles:

  • What’s your tolerance level? If you’re used to consuming cannabis, you may need a higher dose of THC in your edibles.
  • What’s the cannabinoid profile? Looking at how much THC and CBD a product contains will help you determine the experience it might create.
  • What terpenes does a product contain? Terpenes can help determine the effects of the high, so see if the product label has information about them.
  • When did you last eat? Edibles are absorbed more quickly on an empty stomach, so if you’re full, it may take longer for your dose to kick in.

How do I choose the right cannabis edibles?

Choosing the right cannabis edibles is largely a matter of taste. Pay attention to the balance of THC and CBD, as well as those tasty terpenes and minor cannabinoids. You’ll also want to pick the best cannabis edibles for you (more about that below). It’s worth buying a few varieties of edibles to see what you enjoy most, and our friendly budtenders are happy to help with personalized recommendations.

The Different Types of Cannabis Edibles

Most of us think of brownies when we think of cannabis edibles, but there are many options beyond the world of baked goods. Here are some of the types of edibles you’ll find on Rootdown’s shelves:


Sweet, tasty, and fun, cannabis gummies come in a wide variety of flavors, and they’re a playful way to get your dose.


Luxurious and indulgent, chocolate edibles are a perfect way to combine cannabis and self-care.

Gel Caps

When you want the edible experience without the indulgence, gel caps deliver a precise and powerful dose of relief.


Similar to gel caps, tablets deliver targeted cannabis relief. They often come in high doses for medical use.


Cannabis drinks are an increasingly popular way to enjoy an anxiety-busting, stress-reducing sip, while staying alcohol-free.


Light, bright, and refreshing, THC- and CBD-infused mints are a wonderful way to bring cannabis relief into your daily routine.

How To Safely Dose Edibles

When dosing edibles for the first time, it’s important to start low and go slow. Experts generally recommend consuming a single or even half-dose and waiting for the effects to kick in before you increase the dosage. It can take half an hour to two hours before you feel anything, and it can take up to four hours for the effects to reach their peak.

But how long do the effects of an edible last? The most intoxicating part of your experience will rarely last longer than 12 hours, while residual effects, such as reduced inflammation, lowered pain, and a more even emotional state, may linger for up to 24 hours.

Standard Dosage Guidelines

Ready to get snacking? Here’s our budtender-approved standard dosage guidelines:

  • Microdose, 1–2.5 mg of THC: Perfect for reducing physical symptoms without impacting cognition.
  • Low dose, 3–5 mg of THC: Helps with pain, nausea, and inflammation, while delivering a light psychoactive effect for new consumers.
  • Medium dose 10–15 mg of THC: Perfect for more experienced consumers, this dose of THC is great for more intense symptoms and battling insomnia.
  • High dose, 20–30 mg of THC: For serious consumers who need help with intense or chronic physical ailments, this dose causes powerful psychoactive effects.

If you’re a beginner, always start off with the lower dosage of edibles to prevent overindulging.

Unintentionally consumed too much? Scroll down to learn what to do.

Reading and Interpreting Edibles Packaging and Labels 

It’s easy to determine edible dosage when you know how to read your labels. Recommended dosage is usually listed on the packaging of most edibles, along with how many milligrams of THC each serving contains. These serving recommendations are why it’s so important to stick to lab-tested edibles, so you know exactly how powerful a punch each bite packs.

To determine your dosage, use the info above to figure out how many milligrams will meet your needs, and proceed accordingly. Remember: Starting with the lowest possible dosage and increasing one milligram at a time is always the best practice.

Safe Consumption Practices

Want to eat your greens the safe way? Follow this guide:

  • Always start with the lowest dose. When in doubt, a half-dose is a great way to determine your tolerance.

  • Wait a minimum of two to four hours before upping your dose. Edibles can take a while to kick in, and you risk overconsuming if you take more before you’re feeling the full effects.

  • Never mix your edibles with alcohol or other intoxicants. Edibles should be enjoyed alone to experience their full wellness potential.

Managing Overconsumption

So you took too much. Don’t panic. We have the critical steps to follow to manage your overconsumption experience:

  • Breathe deeply. Increasing your oxygen flow will stop any feelings of panic before they set in.

  • Get some fresh air. Open spaces can diminish that too high feeling. Try going outside or simply opening a window.

  • Nourish your body. Drink plenty of water and eat whatever snacks your body may be craving.

  • Enjoy some calming culture. A soothing album or a comforting movie or show can give you an external stimulus to quiet your mind.

  • Surrender to sleep. Once you wake up, your system will have processed the excess THC.

Edibles in Mississippi

Edibles are a great way to enjoy the potential wellness benefits of cannabis without smoking—especially now that you know how to consume responsibly. Starting low, going slow, and safely experimenting with a variety of products will ensure you enjoy the optimal edibles experience.

At Rootdown, our expert budtenders are ready to guide you through the beneficial world of edibles, one bite, sip, or nibble at a time.

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