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Cannabis Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates?

Simply put, cannabis concentrates are concentrated forms of cannabis.

Made by stripping cannabinoid resins and bioactives from cannabis plant matter, cannabis concentrates contain a wide spectrum of cannabinoids—including heavy hitters THC and CBD—and they provide a powerful consumption experience.

Consumers appreciate concentrates for their ability to deliver a super-charged consumption experience and instant relief. Available in a variety of textures, tastes, and forms, they’re an incredibly popular way to enjoy the potential wellness benefits of cannabis.

You might have heard of hash, the original concentrate made for hundreds of years, but these days there’s a whole wide world of cannabis concentrates to explore! Wax, live resin, butter/batter, shatter, crumble, diamonds/sugar, and moon rocks are all popular options.

Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

  • High concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Diverse range of consumption methods
  • Wide array of products to explore
  • Powerful consumption experience with quick onset


Made by blasting cannabis plant material with solvent then whipping it into a creamy texture over low heat, cannabis wax is often consumed using “dab rigs.”​

Live Resin

A newer addition to the world of extracts, live resin is made by flash freezing cannabis plant matter right after harvest, which retains the aroma and flavor of the flower.


With a texture similar to unbaked cake batter, this cannabis concentrate is treated with a shorter whipping process that helps it retain more moisture.


Resembling broken pieces of glass, shatter is an extremely potent concentrate with an extraction that removes any excess fat and waxes from the refined flower.


Extracted using a lower temperature process that helps it retain its aromatic, flavorful terpenes, crumble has a texture similar to aged parmesan.


Known for their delicate structure, diamonds/sugar are created using a longer extraction process that lets the extract form into shiny crystals.​

Moon Rocks

A hybrid of flower and concentrate, moon rocks are made from high grade flower dipped in hash oil and then coated with a fine layer of kief dust for a potent indulgence.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Ready to place an online order with Rootdown?

Ready to place an online order with Rootdown?

How are cannabis concentrates extracted?

Common cannabis extraction methods use a cooling process to freeze trichomes so they easily break from the plant. Here are the four most common extraction methods you should know:

Ice Water Extraction

In ice water extraction, only cannabis plant material, ice, and water are used to create the concentrate. Cannabis flowers are blended so the trichomes fall off the plant and then sifted through screens to create either bubble hash or full melt concentrate, depending on the quality. Because no solvents or extreme heat are used in this process, many concentrate connoisseurs think ice water extracted products have an especially pure taste.

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) Extraction

Using butane as the solvent extraction agent, BHO extracted concentrates are typically higher in concentrated cannabinoids. Butane causes extreme cold, which allows trichomes to easily fall off the plant matter, creating a distinctive slab of trichomes. The residual butane is then removed in a two step process: first the solvent is purged using a closed-loop system, then the slab of concentrate is baked in a low-temperature vacuum oven for a minimum of 12 hours, resulting in shatter, wax or live resin.

PHO (Propane Hash Oil) Extraction

Concentrates made with PHO extraction methods are created the same way as BHO concentrates. The only difference is that the extractor uses propane instead of butane as the extraction agent.

CO2 Extraction

Considered cleaner than PHO or BHO concentrates by some concentrate connoisseurs, CO2 extracted concentrates are often more expensive, premium products. In this process, CO2 is used as the cold solvent, resulting in a liquid cannabis concentrate. Concentrates represent the more potent side of medical cannabis, so we encourage you to ask your Rootdown budtender for guidance.



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