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Vaping products offer Mississippi medical cannabis consumers a discrete and convenient consumption experience.

Most vape pens will easily fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack, making them ideal for on the go relief. Instead of smoke, cannabis vaping products emit a largely odorless vapor that’s nearly undetectable.

While cannabis flower consumption remains widespread, cannabis vapes are increasingly popular as an effortless alternative.

Cannabis Vaping 101

What are vaporizers?

Also called batteries, vapes, weed pens, or e-cigarettes, cannabis vaporizers are devices that allow you to enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabis discreetly and consume without the hassle and aroma of a traditional pipe and lighter anywhere the need for relief strikes.

Some THC vape pens work by slowly, steadily heating THC oil cartridges (also called carts) over a low heat, creating an inhalable vapor. Others use low heat to vaporize raw flower instead of burning it, resulting in a milder and more discrete smoking experience.

What is THC vape oil?

An increasingly popular choice for cannabis consumers who don’t want the traditional flower experience but still desire the convenience, flavor, rapid onset, and potent effects of smoking, vape oil offers all the potential wellness benefits of cannabis in a convenient, easy-to-use package. Vape oil is created by infusing a neutral carrier oil with cannabis, as well as optional ingredients such as natural flavors, terpenes, and other bioactives to create an oil that can be heated using your vaping device of choice.

What are vape pens?

You can use reusable or prefilled disposable THC vape pens and cartridges, depending on your needs. Many consumers use both, keeping a reusable pen at home and breaking out the prefilled disposable vapes for on the go use and social sharing, the same way flower consumers might pass around a pre-roll.

Whether you use reusable or disposable vaping technology, your pen works by heating cannabis infused oil over a slow and low heat source to transform it into inhalable vapor.

What are cannabis flower vaporizers?

Some reusable vaporizers use cannabis flower instead of infused oil. These pens also heat flower over a slow and low heat source to create vapor.

Whether to vape or smoke your cannabis largely comes down to preference. Many consumers choose both! However, if you’re vape curious, here are a few reasons cannabis vaping is growing in popularity:

  • Quick, effective, and discreet, cannabis vapes can be used anywhere.


  • Consume as much or as little cannabis in a session as you choose with small, targeted doses of THC relief.


  • Enjoy the more subtle flavor of vape oil, or explore flavored options.


  • Inhaling vapor can feel easier on the lungs than inhaling smoke, making for a smoother smoking experience.

The Benefits of Cannabis Vaping

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What are the different types of cannabis vaporizers?

Tabletop Vaporizers

Big, bold, and powerful, tabletop vaporizers are the vape of choice for daily, high-volume users who need impactful cannabis relief.

While tabletop vaporizers take up considerable space, they earn their keep by vaporizing larger quantities of raw flower for a potent consumption experience.

Portable Vaporizers

Perfect for home use or enjoying on the go, refillable portable vaporizers can be used with THC oil cartridges or flower, depending on the type you opt for.

There are many portable vaporizer options on the market, from affordable to high-end and everything in between.

Vape Pens

Affordable, convenient, and available in any strength or flavor you can imagine, vape pens are the perfect option for exploring the world of vaping.

Perfect for on the go use, THC vape oil pens make it easy to get cannabis relief whenever—and wherever—you need it most.

What forms of cannabis concentrates can you vape?

Oil is just the beginning! There are many other cannabis concentrate options to explore:


Concentrated cannabis oil with a soft, waxy texture and cloudy appearance, wax is made from the extracted oils of a cannabis plant.


With a glass-like consistency and tendency to shatter into shards when broken, shatter is what happens when concentrated cannabis oil is left to set after extraction.

Live Resin

A dense, sticky texture between liquid and wax gives live resin the perfect consistency for the intense flavors and aromas it carries. Expect a highly indulgent, sensory vaping experience.

Hash Oil

Often vaped in liquid form, hash oil is created by extracting THC and other active compounds from live cannabis plants to create a potent extract.

What are in prefilled THC oil cartridges?

THC cartridges can be convenient, but what’s actually in there? Many consumers wonder how cannabis companies make these convenient little on the go solutions to cannabis relief.

The high-quality prefilled cartridges we stock at Rootdown contain neutral oil infused with cannabis flower, as well as other flavoring agents and complimentary bioactives designed to encourage entourage effects.

We care about your wellness journey, and none of our products contain fillers, harsh chemicals, or unnecessary ingredients.

Want to explore the specific contents of a particular cartridge? Check the brand’s website, or ask our budtenders to share their insight.

How are prefilled THC oil cartridges used?

Using a prefilled THC oil cartridge couldn’t be easier—even for a first time user!

Simply find the button on your reusable pen, hold it down, and inhale slowly and steadily. If you have a disposable cartridge, simply pop it in your mouth and puff away!

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